Revista skopein No. 13

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Revista skopein Nº 13 Especial!
Septiembre – Noviembre 2016

In this issue:

Autopsy procedures of the oral cavity: Literature review, by Alan D. Briem Stamm, Juan E. Palmieri y Maria Teresa Carriego
The fingerprint as a symbol of Criminalistics, por Carlos M. Diribarne
Contributions of hematology the forensic field: Orienteering and certainty, by Jose Nuñez Rodriguez
PsicoPost: An analysis of users Facebook (Case: Anastasia Lechtchenko Masney), by Victor Gutierrez Olivarez
Micología Forense: New Alternative for Post Mortem Interval Determination (Peru), by Gustavo Mego Julca
skopein Presente! at 1International Congress of Appraisal Artworks (ICAE), by Mariana C. Ayas Ludueña y Gabriela M. Escobedo.


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