Revista skopein Nº 9

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Revista skopein Nº 9 Especial!
Septiembre – Noviembre 2015

In this issue:
Juan Vucetich and Day Criminologist, by Carlos M. Diribarne. Graffiti vandalism and Efficiency Calligraphic expertise in detecting Authorship, by Walter Leonardo Ledesma. Vucetich System Effectiveness Analysis of DNA on a Case ID, by Edison Lima de la Torre. The Evolution of Urban Bus Falls in the Field of Criminology and Victimology Vial, by Adrián Pérez Giménez. Action Protocol for Fixing, Sample Collection and Treatment of Interest Entomological Corpses, by Oscar Xavier Escobar Cifuentes. skopein Presente! en the first “Argentine Conference Applied Forensic Sciences” (JACFA 2015), by Ari Yacianci. Forensic survey the Hispanic community in the International Day Criminologist,es.

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