Revista skopein Nº 12

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Revista skopein Nº 12
Junio – Agosto 2016

In this issue:

Refiliación by accidentals in pads Fingerprint (Chile), by Camila Contreras Madrid.
Not so elementary, Sherlock: A critical criminology Sherlock Holmes, by Micaela Unzaga.
Assault Rifle History, by Gabriel A. Gamarra Viglione.
Cadaverous decomposition and Determination of Post-Mortem Interval, by
Gustavo Mego Julca.
Anima striatum in Firearms, by Carlos M. Diribarne and Mariana Morales Fernandez.
exclusive interview Fernando Cardini, Doctor en Cs,en. Forensic Toxicologist chemical and.

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2 thoughts on “Revista skopein Nº 12

  1. Good afternoon, I'm carlos f. lorenzo,Live yapeyu , Province currents, its magazine are useful because there are times when the uses to teach the people the police, I am retired military ARA, Intelligence Staff and retired PFA and basic conocimienbto of criminology, reading your magazine I'm delighting in pursuing a career expert or perhaps a degree. excellent atte materials. Carlos

    1. Buenos givest Sr. Carlos,

      I'm Bethlehem Calamaro (26 years), Lic. in criminology and Perito Verficador the Automotive and Chemical Tempering. I encourage you to start the race, It is a very exciting science.
      On the other hand, I share and subscribe to your comment about this great magazine, I hope soon to publish some of my research.

      Atte greetings.-

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