Revista skopein Nº 1

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Revista skopein Nº 1
Septiembre – Noviembre 2013
2edition – Mayo 2014)

In this issue:
La Scopometría: An Argentine contribution, by Carlos M. Diribarne. Child Sexual Abuse (ABOUT), by Daniela S. Raffaele. Electronic Fraud Prevention, por Diego A. Alvarez. The right, Criminology, and offense-related penalty, by Alejandro Viglione. Indented revealed scriptures coal, by Ana B. clay. Graphology psicosomática or Grafopatología, by Silvina Arce. TRIAL How Guarantor or Elitist?, by David R. Sánchez Espinoza (Mex). Exclusive Interview with MARIA FERNANDA FERREYRO, Head Area Metropolitan Police Ballistics, university professor

Items in OJS
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