Revista skopein No. 14

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Revista skopein Nº 14
December 2016 – February 2017

In this issue:

Blood stains: Analysis of the Pattern in Crime Scene, by Marcella M. Sniegovski, Jewers M. Bortolatto and Fernanda Formolo.
crimes, Internet and Social Networks: Criminals profiles in the Field of Social Cybercrime, by Adrian Perez Gimenez.
Forensic Science and Medicine, by Eduardo Perez Mayoral Campos, Rocio Martinez Helmes and Carlos Mayoral Perezcampos.
Arguments and Inferences in Criminal Investigation, by Sebastian Streuli and Anibal R. Bar.
skopein Presente! at 4Interdisciplinary Congress to “Inclusion of Odontólogo Examiner in Forensic Science”, by Mariana C. Ayas Ludueña y Gabriela M. Escobedo.
exclusive interview Marta Beatriz Maldonado, Legal Dentistry specialist.

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