Argentine Conference Applied Forensic Sciences (JACFA)


Argentine Conference on Science
Applied Forensics


This event came as an idea raised by members of the skopein Magazine, gathering, in a joint activity, prestigious professionals related to criminology and forensic sciences that provide thematic papers, approached from their experience and with a strong focus on the current paradigm of application in Argentina.

It is global knowledge that our country, practically since the beginning of the Criminalistics, He has contributed to the development of these sciences,,es,economic and technological existing in our country with the rest of the world,,es,With the aim of bringing the public interested in the development of these sciences,,es, protruding personalities who have influenced and still influence, when the appointment or implements. Likewise, methods, techniques and even entire disciplines, as Scopometría, They have Argentina as headquarters origin of its creation, and apply to the length and breadth of the entire planet as tools, in constant modernization, They help resolve the questions raised it a crime to Justice.

But nevertheless, social differences, económicas y tecnológicas existentes en nuestro país con el resto del mundo, even within the continent itself, conditions the application of the same, They must be adapted to meet the needs of a population and a particular system of Justice.

Con el objetivo de acercar al público interesado en el desarrollo de estas ciencias, updated information on its various branches, how they are and should be applied in our geographical context, we have initiated in the 2015 the first Argentine Conference on Applied Forensic Sciences.

Last edition,,es,The second edition of the Argentine Conference of Applied Forensic Sciences conducted the,,es,View event summary,,es,previous edition,,es,The first Argentine Conference on Applied Forensic Sciences,,es,They took place at the Museum and Historical Archive of the Banco Provincia,,es: JACFA 2017

La segunda edición de las Jornadas Argentinas de Ciencias Forenses Aplicadas se llevó a cabo el 17 y 18 de Agosto de 2017 en el CMD. Ver resumen del evento

Edición anterior: JACFA 2015

Las primeras Jornadas Argentinas de Ciencias Forenses Aplicadas (JACFA 2015) tuvieron lugar en el Museo y Archivo Histórico del Banco Provincia, los días 13 y 14 de Agosto de 2015. Ver resumen del evento