What is Skopein?

Skopein is an online journal of quarterly publications (ISSN: 2346-9307), dedicated to spread knowledge about Criminalistics and Forensic Sciences. Its access is free, and it is aimed at visitors from Spanish-speaking countries.

Lack of access to information in spanish about Criminalistics, which generates, among other things, misconceptions that are then disseminated and shared in the public opinion as scientific truths, led us to create this media, with which we could provide to researchers who wished to publish their experiences and works, a space that allows the spread and lecture of it, from a non-university environment.

Its name, a greek root meaning “observe”, makes direct reference to a discipline developed in Argentina, the Scopometry, which is one of the greatest contributions of this country to the Forensic Sciences, which is the group of all procedures and methods designed to resolve forensic questions.

The main aim of the journal is to promote and spread research about criminalistics and forensic science internationally, and also create opportunities for contact between the different actors in the criminal investigation.

Since its birth in 2013, the journal improved both the quality of its contents, as their appearance and organization, acquiring, soon, an identity and international recognition.

Revista Skopein